WHO Qualifies and What to Bring


YOU QUALIFY for tax preparation by CTA IF:

Your income is up to $25,000 for an individual OR

Your income is up to $55,000 for a family - a single parent with a child or children is a family

AND you have no more than $3500 in interest, dividends and/or capital gains

WHAT TO BRING: for each year you need tax preparation

  • Copy of last year’s tax return (or the last tax return you filed).
  • All W-2 and/or 1099 forms and any other income information including Social Security and SSI.
  • If self-employed, income and expense information and records.
  • Forms or notices received from the Internal Revenue Service or the New York State, New York City, or any other tax authority.
  • Social Security cards (or ITIN letters) and State issued ID and/or drivers' licenses for yourself and all household members.
  • Information about health insurance for you and your dependents:1095-A,1095-B or 1095-C forms if you got them, insurance cards.
  • STUDENTS: Form 1098-T as well as a bursar’s receipt showing tuition you paid from your personal funds and what was paid by loans. Also bring receipts for books and a computer if you purchased one.
  • Amount of Medical Expenses if significant, including cost of insurance, Real Estate Taxes paid, Casualty Losses, Charitable Contributions, if any.
  • Bank account number and routing number for direct deposit of any refund.